The technology behind Puput callbacks

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Puput callbacks

Missed calls

Puput notifies you of new email with a missed call.

Puput has the technology to replace the normal call tone with a voice recording of your email subject.

So when you call back, you hear the message even though the call doesn’t connect. That’s why it’s free everywhere in the world

Email rules

Create a rule to forward important messages and get notified instantly when it arrives, while avoiding spam and small talk

Free missed calls

All audio is transmitted within a missed call which isn’t picked up, at no cost. Check your call log, it will show up as CANCELED.

Listen to the sample audio recording onlineSpanish available, too. Remember, with Puput you can hear your messages, without internet and without call costs.

Advanced features

Hear their voice

Voice memos are reproduced faithfully. Tell your friends to send them while you are abroad, and you will listen to them with great quality, anywhere in the world.

Reach remote areas

Have a relative or friend with no internet access? Maybe they live in a remote area where it is too expensive to have a network connection. Now, you can send them free voice messages with Puput. Just sign them up with a free account using their simple phone or landline wherever they are.

Scripting and IFTTT

Create your own filters or scripts and Puput will call you only for that important email you need. Email is the best protocol for scripting, and you can build powerful workflows with IFTTT.

Workflows available, and full documentation on how to configure the most popular servers.