You have connectivity 99% of the time.
We deliver the critical 1%

One call to rule them all

Puput manages broadcast calls: contact every member of the team in a single shot. Record your message and Puput will keep calling every recipient until it successfully delivers your voice recording.

Calls work without Internet, they do not get lost and unlike SMS, you are guaranteed that your message is delivered.

Reduce the overkilling alarm tsunamis

Set efficient alarms and avoid noise. Flooding all layers of the company with every single server hiccup can lead to unproductive confusion. Unassigned alarms have the risk to go unattended.

Puput sets a path of notifications according to rank. Starting from the first response nominee, it will move up to the next layer until there is a response, reaching the C-suite only if necessary.

Puput can certify if alarms are delivered, unlike SMSs, and is able to reach people without Internet.

Manage the company with Instant messages and /puput

Integrate Puput call messaging to productivity tools. When you need a quick response from your team or you want to share great news at once, you can only trust a phone call.

You do not need to pick up the phone, just write the message in the teamwork channel and Puput will make sure everybody gets the news.

No internet is needed, and it works with any phone device. The sender gets in realtime who did and who did not get a double check.

Large-scale solutions

Puput delivers robust communication solutions beyond Internet for your business. Puput can be integrated and automated to your IT platform and Software Services. With Puput, communication is never broken, even when there is no Internet connection.

Constantly tracking your activity and position is better than a panic button.

Give continuous feedback of where you are, with and without internet. Puput can send your exact position and your status.

If your activity is continuously tracked, help can arrive before you need to ask for it.
Manage system services with our synchronized text-messaging protocol through Puput calls.

You can restart the server or execute simple snippets, using Puput calls to control your Internet data network.

With the Puput app you can automate tasks in the background remotely when you have no internet.
Puput allows unprecedented automation. Bots and physical devices can interact in the network, using Internet when available and otherwise free Puput call backs.

Puput can be used to communicate vending needs when 3G/4G is not available, or enable machine-to-human and machine-to-machine communications with free Puput call backs.
Large-scale solutions
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